Hello, my name is Adara Penascino and I am cyber bullied.

I’m not in middle school or high school anymore. In fact, i’m 25 years old. Most people think that cyber bullying stops once you graduate. However, the cyber bullying that I faced began in college. I want other victims of cyber bullying to come out and share their stories. It’s unfair that the internet can harvest lies and rumors about you that last a lifetime. The people that post these things about you ruin your self esteem and confidence.

This guy had a crush on my and he was about 6 years older than me. I after I shut him down multiple times and told him that I wasn’t interested he then kept trying to call and text me. I ignored the phone calls and messages. Once I started to 100% ignore him he began messaging all of my friends, ex boyfriends and acquaintances on Facebook and Instagram. He become obsessed with my life. It wouldn’t stop and the police did nothing. This guy harassed me so much that I had to delete my social media for a while. It’s honestly never ending. He has posted awful rumors about me on websites that have my name and my picture. He is over 30 years old. You would think his mother would have taught him better.

Women and girls around the world deal with guys just like this. This is where domestic violence begins. What type of man tortures a woman by harassing her everyday? In America we talk about “rape culture”. How about we talk about the men who harass women daily without touching them. Cyber bullying can make you feel like you have NO power and no one can do anything for you.The police are worthless. They never help and they often times tell women to stop being dramatic.

This man hasĀ stopped me from living a normal life. I have for many months now thought to change my last name. I just want to get away. I want to escape from him. I dream of a day where I can start over without anyone knowing my name. This man has ruined my reputation and my livelihood. I can never get away from him. I want it to stop.